About UNItiques





About UNItiques

UNItiques is a safe, local, and free online marketplace where college students buy and sell!

Our Story

Money never goes out of style and that’s what UNItiques is all about: making and saving your precious cash in college. Created by 23-year-old Alexandra Shadrow after a run-in with with a Craigslist creeper, UNItiques provides a free, safe, and local way for students to sell their stuff and shop for much less. By promoting re-use and recycling, we make campuses and wallets greener. So go ahead, create a store and become an entrepreneur! Go for it: bargain with that girl in your dorm for $5 heels or get on that graduating senior for his $75 couch. We make your life easier because college is hard enough and you deserve it!

We’re based in Boston and Los Angeles, but expanding nationwide with over 110 campuses already on board. Meet our team of interns (below) that are making it all possible! Want to know more about our story and company? Visit our press page (for articles & press kit) or our jobs page to learn more about opportunities with our awesome start up!

Our Team

Alexandra Shadrow

Our 23 year old CEO and girl-boss! Once a shopaholic from Los Angeles turned broke from college turned thrift-a-holic on UNItiques.

Akshay Kolte

With an MBA from Babson and 10+ years of experience running his own tech consulting firm, Akshay has written over 1 million lines of code behind UNItiques!

Paige Callahan

Her love for a new pair of shoes but also the environment drives Paige to help college students turn their unwanted closets into cash.

Alyssa Maynard

Griselda Sanchez Topete

Jess Linnet

Raven Ajiri

Lani Ginoza

Brittany Pittman

Anushka Goyal

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